Stage 1: Initial Consultation

During the initial complimentary consultation, discussions will take place regarding your individual needs, desires, budgets and design concepts.

Stage 2: Initial Design

At this point if you do not already have your own plans,a preliminary agreement can be signed allowing us to organise a Site Survey, Soil Testing, Planning report and Concept Design on your behalf (for a modest fee). These are yours to keep and will allow us to provide an estimated construction cost. Once you are happy the Preliminary Agreement can be extended to allow us to finalise all your documentation for Certification (see stage 3). Already have your own plans? We can review them with you immediately and provide you with a Quotation.

Stage 3: Planning

At this stage we will review your concept plans and initial costings against your objectives and budget. This will allow us to plan with you all your fixtures and finishes for the upcoming construction. We will work with you to deliver your goals and desires for your future home. Only when you are happy with the design and inclusions will we proceed with finalising your documentation for construction (Working Drawings, Engineering Design, and Planning Approvals).

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Stage 4: Quotation and Contract

Once we have finalised all your inclusions we will provide you with a full construction Quotation. This will provide in detail all fixtures and finishes and will explain what is (if applicable) not included. Once an agreement is reached we will provide you with a copy of the Construction Contract (including a contract information booklet) which will detail your rights and responsibilities as well as ours and include a realistic timeframe for construction.

Stage 5: Construction commences

We strive to give our clients full disclosure during the construction stage. Regular site walkthroughs will be given. Communication is of utmost importance to us and you will be able to openly discuss the process with us. If you change your mind about any inclusions or designs we are committed to try and achieve them.

Stage 6: Practical Completion

Practical completion is just that. Your home is practically completed. At this stage we will ask you to conduct a final inspection and provide us with any items for review. We insist this quality check is done before the house is considered completed.

Stage 7: After construction care

We are committed to the care and longevity of your investment. We will provide a call-out to rectify any maintenance issues you might be encountering after a 90 day period. This will again be offered at the 12 month mark.

Stage 8: Enjoy your new home